Travel in the time of Lockdown

I'm going on an e-journey around the world!

Covid19 has the world in lockdown.

Borders are closed. Planes are grounded. Windows are shut.  Doors are locked. Bra's are off. Trackie dacks are on.

My brain is in Covid-overload.

So, as a vacation for my brain I'm e-travelling the world, while never having to get out of my pj's. 

Here are my rules.  

1. Google "cities starting with *insert letter*",

2. Choose a city that has a cool name and write a travel guide.

3. Add a bunch of screen shots.

4. Move on. New day, new city.

None of these travel guides should be used as fact.

I'm on the couch in my lounge room.

I've never visited them.

Research it yourself.


Nice comments welcome 


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